We have a well-deserved reputation for quality and service built up through 40 years of successful trading.

Our 30,000 sq. ft. purpose-built factory is designed to manufacture a variety of garments for a wide range of customers from high street names to startups in the UK and EU.

Our aim is to provide professional garment manufacture to our customers at competitive prices.
All aspects of business, including design, sourcing, fabrics, sampling and production is offered.  

We also have partnered strategically with factories in Morocco, India, China, Italy and the UK, all of which are SEDEX approved as a minimum. We are geared up to produce anything from 100 garments to any quantity, due to our long standing relationships with our suppliers.

We ensure quality and timely production to all our customers to ensure maximum sales of garments.


Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.

Start Up Service

As someone not experienced in the world of clothing, this can be a daunting time.  We can offer information and contacts, as well as help you to launch your products into the mainstream.  We can offer to help source fabric, labels, trims and follow the service right through to production.


Gill Design Studio can create samples from your designs, specifications sheets and patterns.  We have dedicated sample machinists, who will make up your samples to the highest quality.  We are able to advise you on solutions to any production issues, to ensure you can get this to market in the most efficient way.  We can also provide a service to make as many samples as you need, be it for photo shoots or for sales agents.

Pattern Cutting

We also use a CAD system to develop your garments into detailed technical packs, in which we can grade up or down to any size required. In turn, we can provide accurate costings and consumptions for your fabrics.


Gill Design Studio also offers a full Cut-Make-Trim service for all of your garment needs.  This can be done in-house for smaller quantities or we can use our factories in the UK or Morocco.  We can take delivery of your fabrics and trims before we start production.

Full Service

As with the majority of our customers, we offer to manage the entire process, from sampling through to final production. Due to over 30 years of experience, we are able to source fabrics and trims from the UK, Turkey, the Netherlands, China, Korea and India depending on your needs, price points and speed.  We will then work with you, keeping you updated throughout the process.  We will work with you on critical paths, so that we fulfil your orders to ensure they are with you in a timely manner.


With years of experience with suppliers  we can source the styles you require. From Knitwear, Jerseywear to Wovens we can execute the price within the timescales given.

Embroidery and Sequin

With our partners, we specialise in Embroidered and Sequin garments. We have designers who can work with your mood boards or develop artworks for you.

Packing and Delivery

All items are thoroughly QC'd so that the fits and finishes are at the highest quality.  We final press and process your garments with any bagging and tagging requirements.  Also, we are able to ship garments to your depot or direct to your customers.

We're here for you, and we look forward to work with you!

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